What if you were given the opportunity to receive an all expenses paid, head-to-toe, mommy makeover? Sounds too good to be true right? That’s what I thought… BUT that’s exactly what I did!

During a whirlwind weekend, 11 other moms and I joined together in L.A. to learn about hair, makeup, and fashion. We learned tips and tricks to help us not only get ready quickly in the mornings but also to boost our confidence as moms and women.

Now here’s a twist, what if this whole journey was documented on video to be shared with the world on social media? What if it could help and inspire other moms out there who might feel like they could use a bit of a makeover themselves?


TheItMom: Total Mom Makeover reality web show airs its season premiere on April 6th, 2017 and every Thursday at 8/7pm Central

Daisy Teh - The It Mom

“Daisy Teh is a Mom Makeover Expert and Beauty Blogger inspiring moms to be confident, savvy and purposeful but to also make time for themselves.

Thursday, April 6th, 2017 at 8/7pm Central beginning April 6, 2017, is the official airdate. Each episode will feature one mom’s unique story and their vow to stand out from the crowd with the opportunity to travel to a new location for an all expense paid weekend getaway and head-to-toe makeover transformation by the The It Mom’s “Dream Team” – some of the most elite fashion, beauty and style experts from around the country.” –TheItMom.com

The Makeup Storage Idea!

In comes my idea to use metal storage pieces meant for the office. They are metal, sturdy, elegant looking and do the trick! You can find them on Amazon

Instead of sticky notes, I’m using this to corral all the little creams, lotions, and tubes of makeup.

Instead of pencils and pens, I’m using this to hold all my makeup brushes.

Instead of storing papers and mail, I’m using this to hold pallets, compacts, and lip products.

Instead of files and folders, I’m using this to hold my curling iron, hairspray, and brushes.

Want to see more? In this video, I share all the details about the Total Mom Makeover AND I show all the IT brand cosmetics they gave us!

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